Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stanley Huang - hilarious moves of a hot singer

Well, is this guy called hot, btw? Not really if you compare to another sexy hot hunks posted on my blog. But he's got something different. He is a talented singer, very popular in Taiwan with big number of fans. Following his wiki information, he is Taiwanese-American, and with his two brothers, worked together in a band called L.A.Boyz early in 2000, but he started being famous just after leaving the band.

His face, basically look like every Asian guys you know, not something special. The most interesting things in him are his fashionable eyes, his beautiful voice, and sexy at every steps of dance.

In 2007, he and Jolin Tsai burned the floor with very very sexy moves, around by his and Jolin Tsai fans' screams. And this vid will burn your eyes for sure.

Dam! both of them were so good!

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