Friday, January 29, 2010

Lance Yu enjoys his time at pool

With smooth sunburn skin , hot Taiwanese model and actor Lance Yu (model agency Eelin) posed very sexy for the collection "at pool". Not only being the top leading Taiwanese model, Lance Yu is also the talented actor in Taiwan showbiz. This set is collected from scatted sources but worth as usual.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jerome Ortiz in his hottest collection

Jerome Ortiz is one of the hottest Filipino male models. After winning the Mossimo Bikini Grand Prix 2006, Jerome was invited and appeared on Icon and Cosmopolitan magazine (Philippines version). This shirtless collection of Jerome is not new, but I expect this could be the best high quality collection of him. It's very easy to recognize this hot hunk: definitely a handsome face and beautiful body (he trained a lot in several kinds of sport: basketball, soccer, swimming,...and of cause working out. Now, this is the series that you're looking for: the shirtless show of Jerome Ortiz.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Li Ben He - body perfection show off

As I mentioned about Moko once in the past, this destination becomes now more and more famous in China where both amateur and professional model joined. Li Ben He, a Chinese model, the one who make himself differently from the others with perfect hunky body, a little more muscular but enough, certainly worked hard on body training. He has an impeccable body, with great abdominal definition that would make any guy jealous and run the gym right away. Very potential with great body structure, Li Ben He posed very sexy in this set. Check out his link for more pictures if you're interest. Just...perfect!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rangsit Sirananon - hot Thai actor on BBTV chanel 7

Rangsit Sirananon (nick name Uan) - hot actor on BBTV chanel 7 - Thailand. Although Uan's major activity is acting in dramas of Chanel 7, he is a catwalk model and stand out with the others with a handsome face of a Thai cutie. Two things you will be impressed at this actor: his lovely eyes and his beautiful smile. Rangsit’s smart & handsome and young model. The first casting in his movies was stable and clear and blooming in actor way. Today, He now has the happy work and lives breaking the economy world crisis. Compare with other hot Thai men who is already on Hot Asian Guys blog, Uan isn't popular as they are (occasionally he was on Men intrend, Volume, and BackPacker magazines), but he is a potential actor and should be more famous in near future.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

David Lim - another sexy Ford model

David Lim (full name David Bradley Lim) - one of the hottest Asian model of Ford. David Lim now is in LA (with height 185cm, weight 75kg) and seeking for career in modeling and acting (he participated in a movie called "In the minds of men" - 2009, otherwise he could be in some short movies you can find somwhere. What will you like at this guy? Not only a sexy lips with shining smile, he also owns a very sexy chest and beautiful six packs. And because David doesn't have rich internet information, this could be the best collection of this guy. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Takeshi Kaneshiro - sexy mature Asian man on GQ magazine

Takeshi Kaneshiro - one of the hottest Asian actor on internet. I don't even need to talk about his biography since there are too many information about this guy (refer to here, here, or here). Takeshi became famous and big celebrity of Asian drama by owning a hugest fan base over the world, comparing with other Asian male celebrities. In this post, I just want to show you a good photos set of Takeshi on CQ Magazine, there are a lot more pictures of him on internet by googling his name. Even thought this series came from the last year, and this gentleman already changed to an Asian dad (a little bit), but at every age, he has undeniable beauty that you will be attracted. Look at this!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Eliver Ling - skilled actor in martial arts

Due to request from Eliver Ling, content and images from this post is removed.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused!

Hot Asian Guys blog.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Dapeng Zheng - new star of international fashion shows

Manly, cold and professional at work, Dapeng Zheng is hunted by top world fashion grands and already appeared in their shows such as GIORGIO ARMANI, CK, VERSACE, BOSS...Owning a great body of model with 188cm height and measurements 105cm, 76cm, and 98cm, Dapeng Zheng became one of the top model in China and now trying to expand his modeling career out over the world. A very promising model.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jimmy Wong in a different look

Searching his full name (Jimmy Wong Ga Lok) then you will get a lot of pictures from this hot guy. That means Jimmy Wong is a popular actor and model on internet. I don't want to show you the old collection that many sites did (you can access at Most Beautiful Man or The Daily Male Model), just wanna show a different look of Jimmy Wong, especially the collection from Men's Style (from a Chinese blog called sexmen). Sorry for bad quality of this collection, hope you guys like it!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Goo Soo on High Cut and Men's Health magazines

Best Korean actor from Piano posed very sexy on High Cut magazine at the beginning of 2010. After 24 months for military duty, Goo Soo was back with very impressive look in the album called "Heartbreak" - High Cut - as you'll see afterward.

Famous from Piano and Marrying a Millionaire, at a very young age, Goo Soo participated in dozen of movies and TV shows but he was remarked by audience of a young, cute and handsome Asian gentleman. 2010 must be the very promising year for him with big projects and this actor (also model) will be challenged to prove himself on Asian showbiz.

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