Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hot Asian Guys started 6 months ago and I always expect this place is where you feel relaxed and comfortable. For the Christmas and New Year coming, to all you guy who are interested in and supported Hot Asian Guys blog, I wish you:

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rome Patchata - hottest guy of M Thailand

Rome Patchata Nampan (usually called Rome Patchata) is a young talented actor in Thai showbiz. He is admired as a handsome and cute face and also a star who acted really good in some Thai movies. At the beginning Rome educated in Golf Management but he turned in to a model and actor lately (he appeared on print ads for Golf magazine), he get success in catwalk and is the man who was on many famous magazines in Thailand: Image, Volume, Men's Health...

Just like every other Thai actors, and announcing in publicity of being a straight, Rome Patchata can't avoid the gay rumor. Back to 2008, his pictures as a gay model contestant was public on internet. Even thought that rumor happened, he still one of the hottest Thai model who proved himself as a winner of the Top Model and Refreshing Guy of M Thailand 2005.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Daniel Liu - top leading Asian male model

"Daniel Liu comes across as the typical guy next door — unless you happen to live next door to a supermodel who walks the fashion runways of New York. At age 26, Liu is already a rising star among models, and one of the few Asian-American males making headlines in the industry."

It's said that Daniel Liu is the top Asian model in industry. I agree! Very popular in Asian model blog, good looking with great body, professional styling - it's all about Daniel Liu!

This post contains all his pictures from collection called The Outlaw as a model of Ford

Zhang Hanyu - an actor with dulcet voice

If you're not into Chinese movie, possibly you know nothing about this guy. Zhang Hanyu, a Chinese actor, was born in Beijing, became famous by many roles in Chinese classic movies. He's one of the most experienced actor in China, good acting with a cold and manly face - a handsome Asian face.

Zhang Hanyu's also well known by dubbing in Hollywood movies such as FK, The Silence of the Lambs, Saving Private Ryan, Star Wars, or The lords of the rings...(as you know most of Western movies in China will be replaced by Mandarin language). For many years Zhang Hanyu was one of China’s premier voice actors dubbing Western blockbusters, animated films/anime, and foreign TV shows.

In his long career, Zhang gained many “best dressed,” “most beautiful,” and “most handsome man” awards. No doubt he's one of the hottest Chinese actor. Watch this!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gorgeous body from a Malaysian guy - Eric

Looking for a gorgeous Asian body? If you are a photographer, this man is for you. Eric - a Kuala Lumpur model - posted his pictures on to call photographers who want to work with Asian male models. From top to down, this hot Malaysian hunk is sexy in every inches of photos with perfect chest, six packs abs and beautiful legs. Seeing him showoff his body in this set could burn your eyes, especially one nude pictures - the last one...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A mature guy totally matchs Hot Asian Guys

One of my friend told me he is only attracted by a mature Asian guy who over 30. I think this absolutely his own opinion of how an Asian man look hot, but since I have the collection of this guy, I did agree with him.

Phong Luu, an Australian, living in Sydney and now looking for more works in modeling. He enjoy keeping fit and staying healthy, then it's reasonable he's got a worked out body with beautiful six packs. Sexy in each of every pictures, Phong is very promising for modeling work in future and for my own suggestion, he should go for a print ad.

One more thing, he also has great smile and great shape of beard. A truly beautiful Asian man!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Rezamal Ilham in the real Asian ethnicity

Being a catwalk model, presenter, model for commercials and magazine covers in Indonesia, Reza Illham is easily recognized by his true Asian ethnicity of his face and his sturdy body. This new young Asian model is now looking for art photography, and also needs to expand his work, make friends to exchange his experiences. More photos of this hot stud you can access at Hopefully that's all what you expect. Enjoy!

Duy Bang - manly face of a Vietnamese guy

Only the face of this guy!

Like other Vietnamese male celebrities, Duy Bang is both model and actor, but people knows him as a promising director. Owning a manly face with sexy curly hair, he was attracted and inspired me for digging more pictures about him. This post contains only his beautiful head shots and sorry for no shirtless picture.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kim Ji-hoon - Young Korean star turns to a sexy icon

Unlike other Korean male celebrities who always keep their "clean appearance without sexy shirtless pictures", Kim Ji-hoon is confident about his hunky body and could do a sexy show as you'll see. Famous and popular after the role as a lawyer in series Love Marriage, Kim Ji-hoon proves himself the talent young actor and true celebrities without scandal (not like other Kim Ji-hoon with drug abuse story on South Korean showbiz). Aware of his own beautiful body with fascinating six-packs, turning to a sexy icon could make his fans crazy like the set you will appreciate just now.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Taiwanese actor Chang Chen

Chang Chen is a Taiwanese actor, born in Taipei. Started his film career at a very young age, he got 3 remarkable roles in Happy Together (1997 - a gay movie), Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000 - director Ang Lee), and in Red Cliff (a Chinese epic film based on the Battle of Red Cliffs). Chang Chen has the face that's most suitable for "kung fu action" and I also found him with a manly and cool Asian guy. His latest appearance on internet is not the role in "The Assassin" - a movie with lot of action in theater 25 Nov, it is gossip with the sexy actress Shu Qi that I have one pic of them at the last one.

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