Friday, July 24, 2009

Nagase Tomoya - a hot talent Japanese

Hot Asian Nagase Tomoya's got talent in both singing and acting. With the wide range type of his roles and his published CDs, it proves his celebrity in Japan.

Before, there was no manly and sexy Nagase Tomoya like this Nagase Tomoya. Just like plenty of Asian male celebrities, he did look less attractive with girly style. But after change his public appearance, from soft, sensitive guy to a tough guy, he became much better, hot and sexy.

He is dream guy for many Asian girls, I love this style with curly hair...

Nagase also join commercial of Hitachi. Check out one of his clip here...

But the best I think is what his do with Uniqlo, a label of jean. Great dude, jean and motorbike are always the best combination over all.

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